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Journal Club Tuesday november 16th 14:00 o'clock

November 2, 2010 by Esther de Groot (1 Comments)


On Tuesday november 16th our first journal club will take place in the virtual classroom. The journal club will discuss a recent article in the journal Interactive Learning Environments: Learner control and personal learning environment: a challenge for instructional design. All veterinary (ICT) educationalists are welcome to participate. Please sign in on the group NOVICE ICT education and/ or sent a message to Esther de Groot ( and Jan Ehlers ( The official language during the meeting will be (non-native speakers-) English.

The article is available below (just for logged in users while this blog entry is available public)

Learner control and personal learning environment


Great idea to have an online journal club. We will do it in an Adobe Connect virtual classroom.

The URL for the meeting will be published in time in the group NOVICE ICT education.

Jan Ehlers 3645 days ago