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Schmallenberg virus - a new disease ?

February 20, 2012 by Constantin Tiberiu (1 Comments)

     Also known as "Deformed lamb disease", the SBV haunting the West Europe since 2011, starting in Norway, then Germany, England, France, Belgium and  The Netherlands. The virus is named after Schmallenberg, in North Westphalia, Germany, from where the first definitive sample was derived.    

     It was situated as Orthobunyavirus related to Shamonda virus, and it's transmitted by midges (Culicoides spp.)- are also responsible for transmitting “Bluetongue” and African Horse sickness , mosquitoes and ticks in cattle, sheep, and goats.

     The virus has been associated with brief mild/moderate disease (milk drop, pyrexia, diarrhoea) in adult cattle and late abortion or birth defects in newborn cattle, sheep and goats.

     The human health risk is regarded as very low.


Draga Constantin,

Ma bucura mult ca acorzi interes bolii Schmallenberg, si as vrea sa te incurajez sa continui sa urmaresti evolutia sa ulterioara, pentru ca multe dintre intrebari inca isi asteapta raspunsul.

As vrea sa te incurajez sa postezi insa si sursa informatiei (text, fotografii) pe care le postezi, pentru a nu fi acuzat de plagiat (..chestii ce tin de drepturile la proprietate intelectuala).

Cu stima,

Laura Urdes


Laura 2847 days ago