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About NOVICE (Logged-out)


The Network Of Veterinarians In Continuing Education (NOVICE) is a professional network that enables its members to exchange knowledge and expertise throughout Europe and beyond.

You must be a veterinarian, veterinary student, ICT educationalist or veterinary educationalist to become a member of the NOVICE network.

If you would like to read more before joining, click the button that applies to you:

Veterinarian Veterinary Student ICT Educationalist Veterinary Educationalist


Once you have become a member, you will be able to use group discussion boards, blogs and wikis to discuss veterinary topics with like-minded people. The NOVICE project seeks to explore and extend the use of Web 2.0 tools in veterinary education and lifelong learning.

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Last updated 2736 days ago by Tierney

Dear Neil,

it looks good!


Lisa Schaper 3244 days ago


As you know, I like the principle of it, so well done!

I wonder (and I think I've seen Sarah comment on this, but I can't remember where) if you could make them a bit 'prettier'!? Maybe a bit of a colour? Or 3D look to them?? Or maybe just in two columns rather than a row, and made a bit bigger and universal in size?? Just some thoughts, you may still be working on them anyway. And this is just prettying it up, it's not as important as the functionality, which you've already done.

Tierney 3243 days ago

I like them also.

More stylish (like Tierney said) would be nice ;-)

Jan Ehlers 3243 days ago


Just to check: You are looking at this when logged out, on the front page? The buttons look a bit different there.

Second, I can make it as pretty as you like, but you will not be able to edit the buttons via the wiki any more if I make the layout any more exciting.

Would you prefer a more elaborate layout, or a page that you can edit via the wiki?



Neil - NOVICE Developer 3243 days ago