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4. Non-Academic, Non-Veterinary Aquatic CEPD Programs

Objective–This page is for NOVICE users to contribute information on CEPD (Continuing Education and Professional Development) programs developed by non-veterinary organizations which may provide useful and important information for the veterinary community.


Please List these to include:

a.   Date/s

b.   Course or Program Name

c.   Organization overseeing the course or program

d.    Location (Country, City)

e.    Description (brief –<150 words– description of learning objectives)

f.     Contact Person (course instructor or organizer name & e-mail)

g.    Accessing Additional Information

h.    Keywords (for later search engines)


As programs may not be organized on a regular basis, please list chronologically (by date)


April 27, 2012

World Organization for Animal Health: Understanding the OIE

Eastern Fish Health Workshop - Fish Health Section, American Fisheries Society

  Location: Lake Placid, New York, USA

  Description: A 1-day course to discuss OIE and U.S. approaches to emerging aquatic animal diseases and provide expert reviews of the 2012 OIE-listed aquatic animal diseases.The workshop is designed for all individuals who work at aquaculture facilities or hatcheries, aquaculture exporting facilities, aquariums, and aquatic laboratories.  

  Contact: Tom Waltzek (

  Additional information: See

  Key Words: OIE, International Standards, aquatic animal diseases.



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