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By participating in the NOVICE community, you are providing consent for your data to be stored and analysed using Google Analytics. This is standard procedure for website logging, and many websites you visit will do this automatically, but we'd like to tell you more about it....

The Network Of Veterinary ICt in Education (NOVICE) project aims to harness the potential of Web 2.0 technologies (for example, wikis and blogs) to support informal, online learning in the veterinary profession. The work for this three-year project is being carried out by five EU veterinary schools; Utrecht, Hannover, Budapest, Bucharest and the RVC, London, with funding from the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme. See 'About Us' for additional information.

Part of the methodology involves analysis of NOVICE members' technology use, for which GoogleAnalytics will be used.

For all participants, for the duration of the project (July 2010 until December 2012), we will maintain a record of:

  • Time spent visiting the NOVICE website
  • Pages visited (and duration and frequency)
  • Which country participants are accessing the site from
  • What WWW browser participants use to access the site (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)
  • Participants’ internet connection type (e.g. DSL, cable)
  • Usage history (whether they are a first time visitor or return visitor), as an indicator of how useful visitors perceive the site to be
  • How participants access the site (e.g. using keywords in a search engine)
  • Frequency of use of various NOVICE tools (wikis, discussion boards, micro-blogs, blogs, chat facility)

To be able to use this data for this important project, we are required to gain your informed consent. Therefore, in agreeing to take part in this research you can be confident that:

  • Any data that you provide through taking part in this research will be held in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and EU Directive 95/46/EC
  • All data will be anonymised and any reference to you as an individual will be removed, unless express permission has been given by you to acknowledge any recommendations given
  • The data will be stored securely and in confidence i.e. in a secure folder on a network drive of a university server. The folder will be set up specifically for the project and access will be restricted to named individuals from the project team
  • Your data will only be used for the stated research purposes
  • [For students only] Participation will not affect your progression through the course

In participating in the NOVICE community, I agree to my data logs being collected via GoogleAnalytics, and that this data may be used to inform the research and development of the NOVICE project’s Community of Practice. I understand that this information will be stored securely and in confidence.

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