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House Rules

As a member of the NOVICE community, we would like to encourage you to actively participate in this website, for example by posting topics on discussion boards, writing your own blog or commenting on other's questions. We would however like to ensure that this site maintains a friendly environment, conducive to participation from all members, be they students, practicing vets or educationalists and from whatever country.

As such you will be required to follow typical rules of internet etiquette, or netiquette. Please read the rules below before you take part in our community and follow them carefully:

1.    There is to be no swearing on the website

2.    Using all capital letters constitutes shouting and is not permitted

3.    Anyone found to be posting ‘spam’ messages; messages that are in no way linked to the topic and are posted in multiple places will be removed from the community

4.    Telling one person off in a public domain (known as ‘flaming’) will not be tolerated

5.    Be careful about provoking other people; though friendly banter is acceptable, making comments to purposely elicit a negative response is not

6.    Be aware of professionalism issues – for example do not use real names of clients or veterinary practices

7.    Though this site is dedicated to the veterinary community, be aware of the use of technical terms - you may be a specialist in an area, but those that are trying to learn from your expertise may not be

8.    You may not use this website for personal financial gain, in terms of advertising for example

9.    You must not break copyright laws e.g. journal papers cannot be posted on websites unless from an open access journal - check the publishers copyright rules BEFORE uploading a paper. Images and photographs are also subject to copyright and cannot be posted on the NOVICE webpages unless you have permission.  Any information on this website cannot be used commercially; permission should always be gained and the information cited where appropriate

10.  You may not quote any individual or group on the NOVICE site without their express permission

This is by no means a complete list, and we encourage you to use your common sense and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

If you notice a post that concerns you, you may 'report this' to the NOVICE management team through the link on the left hand menu of most of the pages on this site. Any instances of netiquette rule breaking will be dealt with by removing the offending post from the site, and revoking membership where necessary.

Thank you, and enjoy using NOVICE!



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