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Why would I want to blog? 

Blogging can seem like a crazy idea - telling everyone and anyone all about your thoughts and activities. But it can be beneficial in lifelong learning. By blogging about your day to day life, you will be reflecting on things that you have seen and done, which may help you to understand them. You may also chose to write a different type of blog, commenting on a specific topic, by doing this you will have to keep up to date with the latest developments, hence learning yourself as well as informing others. You can also just read other's blogs and profit from their experience and expertise.

View the video Blogs in Plain English to find out more:

How do I add a blog post? 

You can access the blogs page via the home page, or the NOVICE menu. Then simply choose 'Write a Blog Post' and you are ready to begin blogging! To view our guide click here.

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