David Scarfe


Last Name: Scarfe

First Name: David

Country: United States

Veterinary Qualifications: PhD, DVM, MRSSAf, CertAqV

Employer(s) (Veterinary): Aquatic Veterinary Associates International, LLC

Field(s) of Work (Veterinary):

Year of Graduation: 1987

Veterinary School: Texas A&M University


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About me

O-C VCS/Aquatic Veterinary Associates International, LLC: Since 1986 have provided veterinary and consulting services to agriculture and aquaculture clients. General activities include contracts with National and International government agencies and private companies for technology transfer, industry development, product development. Coordinated 15+ veterinary/professional consultants involving genetic engineering, education, product evaluation, food and aquatic animal medicine, aquaculture, fisheries management, and international import/export of domestic and exotic animal breeds. Responsible for all administrative and fiscal business. Negotiated agreements with Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa at State/Diplomatic levels. Contracted by international, U.S. and foreign government agencies and NGOs to facilitate the development of animal health and responses to priority diseases and the development of dairy and aquaculture industries in several post-Soviet countries in the Caucuses (middle-Asia). Operational liaison between private companies, academics and State and Federal Agencies.  Developed “Livestock Handling and Health Shipping Standards for International Transport of Livestock” (USDA/APHIS).  Negotiated International animal health protocols for livestock, embryo, and semen import/export.  Clients include Genzyme International, Intervet, USDA/ARS, USAID, International Mercantile, and others.  Secured annual $110 million US/Saudi Arabia livestock export contract.  Responsible for first African livestock breeds import and resulting U.S. industry development.  Developed prototype or refined several technologies now routinely used in industry e.g. human semen computerized evaluation, endocrine techniques controlling female reproduction, laparoscopic abdominal surgery and new educational techniques for the developmentally (mentally) handicapped.  Technical coordinator/director Armenian Improved Dairy (ARID) and Dairy Product, Industry-Development Program.

Other experience:

* 14+ years at a senior level in organized veterinary medicine (AVMA) which required interaction with the U.S. Congress, federal and state regulatory agencies (e.g. USDA-APHIS, FDA-CVM, EPA, etc.), a variety of animal agriculture, aquaculture and veterinary NGOs, and international standard-setting organizations (OIE, FAO, Codex Alimentarius, etc.) on a wide variety  issues - from development and passage of pivotal legislation and regulations, to national and international animal health programs involving veterinary drugs, food/seafood security, disease prevention, control and eradication (biosecurity), and the practice of veterinary medicine

25+ years of administering, and serving on, committees and Boards of Directors at all levels, to facilitate, implement and administer local, state, regional, national and international initiatives and programs involving a multitude of issues, including organized veterinary medicine, animal agriculture and aquaculture, regulations and legislation, business and finance, innovative and applied technology transfer, academic programs, and cooperative projects, directives, and actions between industry, academics, governmental agencies, and NGOs.

* 25+ years in higher education culminating in full professorship, having numerous faculty and student administrative, teaching and research responsibilities, covering university development, student counseling to implementing innovative programs in teaching and research, with success in funding programs and a strong publication record.

* 20+ years in private business and veterinary practice with success in developing, administering and operating private businesses and overseeing International programs in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, involving veterinary medicine, food animal agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries, ruminant theriogenology and reproduction, with planning, administrative, fiscal and personnel experience.


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First Name: David

Last Name: Scarfe

Veterinary School: Texas A&M University

Country: United States

Veterinary Work

Field(s) of Work (Veterinary)

Employer(s) (Veterinary): Aquatic Veterinary Associates International, LLC

Veterinary Education

Veterinary Qualifications: PhD, DVM, MRSSAf, CertAqV

Year of Graduation: 1987