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CPD page on CVA website CVA on FaceBook Please feel welcome to join and discuss... Commonwealth Veterinary Association Continuing Professional Development Programme. ICT for Veterinary Curricula and Professional Development in the Developing World. Gaining Continuing Professional Development...

Interests: commonwealth veterinary association, cva, continuing professional development, cpd, elearning, e-learning, ict, veterinary, curriculum, curricula, veterinary curricula, developing, development

2107 days ago

NOVICE conference Bucharets - Workshop The Use of NOVICE in formal education

I would like to invite everyone who is interested in learning via NOIVCE to this group. In this group we can continue our discussion on using NOVICE in formal education. For those who weren't able to participate in this workshop the presentation will be posted in this group. Further information ...

Interests: formal learning, e-learning, novice, elective course

2511 days ago

CourseLab 2.4

 Discussions, tutorials, demonstrations, general experience exchange, and basically everything related to CourseLab 2.4

Interests: courselab, education, e-learning, e-assesment, programming, slides, faq, testing, assesment, metallica

2915 days ago

Online learning resources

We are going to create a database of all free veterinary learning resources oin the net. Please help us to collect them in the wiki! View the list of resources

Interests: e-learning, oer, video

3046 days ago

"Yes, we like e-learning – just don't do it here" syndrome

A few days ago, I debated with my friends about obstacles facing the e-learning  adoption in veterinary education. One interesting idea popped up: there may be a system or a syndrom that could be called: Yes, we like e-learning – just do not do it here What is this about? We know...

Tags: e-learning, syndrome, ywl-bnh

3205 days ago

Learning Software Developers

This group is a hub for developers of software that supports learning (deliberately general). Here I hope that developers can swap tips, advice, and maybe even code etc., for the benefit of learners everywhere.

Interests: learning, software, development, e-learning

3241 days ago

Vjekoslav Hlede

Interests: constructivism, e-learning, moodle, drupal, ict, joomla, international cooperation, change management

1668 days ago

ViEW (e-Learning)

e-Learning special interest group for Veterinary Education Worldwide (ViEW) Restricted access: only for ViEW members

Interests: view, e-learning, web2.0, cve, education, university

2921 days ago