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Education 2.0 and LMS 2.0

I mentioned a few times the Moodle Community Hub Framework (free and open-source) – as something that could extend the use of online Web 2.0 tools in veterinary education and lifelong learning. Well, good thing is that the Blackboard team is following that trend – and doing o...

Tags: blackboard, virtual learning environment, hub, collaborate, moodle, lms 2.0, formal education, informal education

3335 days ago

Veterinary Moodle Community Hub

Change? During last decade numerous experts have been stressing the need “to revisit and reorganize the delivery of veterinary education by making use of new collaborative technology for greater efficiency and effectiveness” (Bernardo, 2006) and to do so as soon as possible (Eyre, 201...

Tags: moodle, hub, change, tools, community of practice, learning network, virtual learning enviroment

3357 days ago

Vjekoslav Hlede

Interests: constructivism, e-learning, moodle, drupal, ict, joomla, international cooperation, change management. Skills: instructional design, online tutoring, moodle, drupal, joomla, google apps, moodle community hubs, civicrm

1776 days ago