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NOVICE Tech Support Group

A closed group for the members of the NOVICE Tech Support Team

Interests: novice, support

2541 days ago


Front cover of Elgg 1.8 Social Networking textbook on creating, deploying, administration, customisation and coding of Elgg.

Tags: NOVICE, app, mobile, smartphone, theme, customisation, customization

2787 days ago


Comment on "Site Help"

Please post below any questions you have about the novice website and I will try to answer you and resolve any problems.

3787 days ago

Comment on "Diskussion ├╝ber soziale Netzwerke und Web 2.0",1518,634260,00.html) sieht, kann man alle Artikel abonieren oder auch z.B. nur die Kultur-Artikel. Genauso ist es dann hier bei NOVICE. Ich kann alle neuen Artikel...

3678 days ago