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"The Last Vet"

Here’s a great documentary piece about a vet in Sierra Leone, written by Aminatta Forna in Granta magazine. I...ns on professional role and purpose, ethics etc. Enjoy!

3130 days ago

Authoring Tools for Electronic Examinations

I'm going to put a little more detail into each of the steps in electronic examinations workflow I wrote about last...n examinations. They can also be stored on the local hard drive or in a shared online d...

3136 days ago

Education 2.0 and LMS 2.0

I mentioned a few times the Moodle Community Hub Framework (free and open-source) – as something that could extend the use of online Web 2.0 tools in veterin...mmunity and Junior Colleges noted: "They build an online v...

3507 days ago

Mobilizing Global Network

Now when we know the power of Wikinomics, we can build an proactive global...l veterinary faculty experienced with online course development, we will s...d a significant number of interactive online courses. Just to name a few:...articipate in this project.  But online c...

3516 days ago

How can we benefit from Wikinomics?

How did you like picture from the previous post? It deserves additional explanation; ri...n example of wikinomics is Wikipedia. It is a free online encyclopedia that was founded...ent of classical courses (face-to-face, blended or online)...

3520 days ago

Building momentum (change management?)

Hello everybody, In the previous post I mentioned a few technical possibilities we have. However, withou...critical point.  That is why it is important to address skepticism about online e...

3523 days ago

Interview ├╝ber soziale Netzwerke und Web2.0 in den BPT-Mitteilungen 2010

  Soziale Netzwerke im Internet: Freizeitvergnügen oder Lernplattform? Interview mit Dr. Jan...d der Austausch gefördert. Oft gehen diese Netzwerke über den reinen Online-K...

3565 days ago