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"The Last Vet"

...natta Forna in Granta magazine. I think she has recently won a major literary prize. Very moving photos too. This sort of thing might be good for student discussions on professional r...

2794 days ago

Authoring Tools for Electronic Examinations

...tionals to electronic exams can include setting a time limit, once the student has reached the time limit th...for them. Randomizing question order, so the same exam is presented to students in a different order, this c...

2800 days ago

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PLE plan at the University of South Australia

...PLE) that enhances the learning experience of students and encourages staff to inno...ent rich in digital learning facilities (e.g. student to student, and student to te...instant messaging) that are made available to students and staff in a personalised...

3180 days ago


About NOVICE (Logged-out)

...throughout Europe and beyond. You must be a veterinarian, veterinary student, ICT educationalist or veteri...oining, click the button that applies to you: Veterinarian Veterinary Student ICT Educationalist ...

2249 days ago


...Can anyone join NOVICE? How do I register on this page? Can anyone join NOVICE? No. You must be a veterinary practitioner, veterinary student, ICT educationalist at a univ...

2062 days ago

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1. Academic (University) Aquatic Veterinary Courses

...ond year   Description: A 5-month elective course for veterinary students that covers general anatomy,...iology of common diseases.  Course includes 1 lecture per week, a student seminar and two 3-hour w...

2621 days ago

Invatarea informala

...caz asemanator. Acesta este un exemplu de invatamant informal. Esti student in medicina veterinara, iar u...cine se adreseaza studentilor in medicina veterinara, d...

3030 days ago


Voor studenten

Wat kan de NOVICE website voor mij betekenen? Brengt diergeneeskunde studenten en dierenartsen met gelijksoortige interesses samen om groepen te vormen waar informatie uitgewisseld kan worden over specifieke veterinaire onderwerpen, gebruik makend van Web 2.0 toepassingen Biedt de mogelijkhei...

Tags: student, studenti, despre, novice

2746 days ago

Informatii pentru studenti

Ce poate face website-ul NOVICE pentru mine? Aduce impreuna studentii in medicina veterinara cu interese comune pentru a forma grupuri in care poti face schimb de informatii legate de diferite subiecte cu specific veterinar prin folosirea instrumentelor Web 2.0 Creaza oportunitatea folosir...

Tags: student, studenti, despre, novice

2746 days ago


Comment on "Electronic Examinations - A Simple Primer"

...really interesting! - as well as the benefits they solve, such as the students receiving automated marks straight away. I always appreciated that as a student. Thanks for the blog Phil, l...

2808 days ago

Comment on "Electronic Examinations - A Simple Primer"

...ns or radiographic/ultrasound images. Our main problems have been system crashes halfway through exams, and having back-up paper copies for every student then tends to lead you to thi...

2807 days ago