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Electronic Examinations - A Simple Primer

...hould be noted that when running an electronic exam in the tradition environment it is the recommended practice that you always have a backup plan. ICT equipment can suffer failures...

3287 days ago

Journal Club Tuesday november 16th 14:00 o'clock

...rning environment: a challenge for instructional design. All veterinary (ICT) educationalists are welcome to participate. Please sign in on the group NOVICE ICT education and/ or sent a mess...

3645 days ago

Mobilizing Global Network

...  Niall Sclater, director of Learning Innovation at the Open University concluded (Bierhals, 2009): “It wouldn't make sense to restrict [partnerships] to the UK or E...

3667 days ago

How can we benefit from Wikinomics?

How did you like picture from the previous post? It deserves additional explanation; right?. So, let's continue.  Universities and veterinary schools exist within p...

3671 days ago

Interview ├╝ber soziale Netzwerke und Web2.0 in den BPT-Mitteilungen 2010

...nsgruppen werden die unterschiedlichen Bereiche der Tiermedizin abgedeckt. Im Rahmen eines EU-Projektes (NOVICE – Network of Veterinary ICT in Education) bauen wir...

3716 days ago