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The NOVICE Website

This website is designed for veterinary students, practitioners and ICT educationalists to share knowledge and information. Members of the site come from across the EU and can use web based tools to interact with each other. Below is a diagram that illustrates what you can do in a Web 2.0 en...

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Get help about the use of the NOVICE website and web 2.0 technologies from the site designer, the founding universities' helpdesk personnel, and the NOVICE community. Please note, if you require specific help, you may wish to contact the helpdesk of your nearest NOVICE founding university direct...

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3639 days ago

Frequently Asked Questions

Contents Registration Can anyone join NOVICE?  How do I register on this page? (video available) Using NOVICE Can I have a NOVICE buddy to help me use the NOVICE site? I don't know how to use Web 2.0 tools, how do I start? How do I add another member as a friend? Apart fro...

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Informal learning

“Informal learning” is a term that people have interpreted differently and as a consequence, there is no single definition. Merriam et al (2007) describe informal learning as ‘the experiences of everyday living from which we learn something’. Unlike ‘formal learning&...

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What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is considered to be a new view of the internet, though many of you will already use it all the time, maybe without even realising it. While Web 1.0 consists of simple static and un-editable text on webpages, which is written by the creator of the website, Web 2.0 tools allow the use...

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NOVICE: Network Of Veterinans In Continuing Education NOVICE is a network of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) educationalists working within veterinary schools and collaborating with veterinarians and students. It aims to explore and extend the use of online Web 2.0 too...

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NOVICE - Management - Group

Restricted membership: only for participants of the EU project

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