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What can the NOVICE website do for me? It is a professional social network and:

  • Brings together veterinary students and veterinarians with similar interests to form groups where you can ask questions and exchange information about specific veterinary matter
  • Provides the opportunity to use a range of Web 2.0 tools e.g. Discussion boards, blogs and wikis
  • Provides links with students from other EU countries and beyond
  • Provides the opportunity to engage with others in the veterinary field – veterinarians and educationalists
  • Does not cost you anything!

Some of the active discussions are on topics such as tips for learning clinical skills, use of antibiotics in farm animals, animal welfare, using Twitter and other IT tools (swap tips and ideas), and much more.

Even once you have graduated, you will still continue to learn throughout your career. This continuing education or lifelong learning can be in the form of formal structured courses or through more informal means, for example searching through literature, the internet or other information resources. Web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs, discussion boards etc.) can be used when searching for information, asking questions and also for discussing findings with friends and colleagues. You can do all of this in NOVICE.

To register with the website, you must provide information about yourself as a veterinary student - this will ensure the site remains dedicated to the veterinary community. If you are not already a member and would like to register click the 'Register' button (which can be seen below or to the left of this page).

Once you have registered, you will be a member of the NOVICE web-based professional community and you will be able to use Web 2.0 tools with other students, veterinarians and educationalists from around Europe and beyond.

View the activity of some of the students already on the site here! (You need to be registered on NOVICE to view this page).

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